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Longevity Lab is a Functional Aging Training practice for individuals 60+ and elderly. It was founded in 2017, in New York City, by Functional Aging Specialist and Brain Health Trainer, Ola Stacha-Fleming. Somewhere between group exercise, walking and heavy traditional training or occupational therapy, there’s a void that is not widely acknowledged but is now served by the practices and professionals of Longevity Lab – now based in CT.

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Our work is called Functional Aging Training. And our programs are mindfully created based on individual goals and needs. Programs include strength training that gives us stamina and prevents osteoporosis; flexibility and mobility training that prevents strains and pains; balance training to improve body function and lessen possibility of falls and fractures; and cardiovascular exercises to protect us from chronic disease and ailments. All of that, plus brain health training activities, will leave you feeling better, moving better and simply rise up to everyday’s moments!

Our mission is to age well with strength and dignity so that we can continue to do the things that keep us happy and healthy for years to come! 

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We all know that body movement is crucial to physical and mental well-being, especially as we get older. Longevity Lab presents a formula for living one’s best life ever with a focus on aging with strength and grace. There's no single approach that is right for every individual- that’s why we emphasize customized programs and a curriculum of sustainable fitness regimes for mature adults that can extend healthy life span and total body/mind health. 

Aleksandra (Ola) Stacha-Fleming, the founder of Longevity Lab®, combines her life experience and years of helping clients of all ages to foster an evolving curriculum of training programs. After working mostly with clients of age 60+ she now fully dedicates her practice to this demographic that is unfortunately often neglected and underserved.

Ola is a Functional Aging Specialist certified by the Functional Aging Institute, she is also a Brain Health trainer- with certification that allows her to work with people who suffer from Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive impairments. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Public Health with a Paramedic Specialization and is an NCSF certified personal trainer. She’s a Functional Movement trainer and Buff Bones Instructor (medically endorsed program for people with osteoporosis and/ or women pre and post menopause). The practice includes: consultations, specific programing, training sessions in home, outdoors, at the gym, in assisted living homes and with memory care units at senior living facilities.

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