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Pillar 5

Add quality years to your life

The National Institute of Health defines active life expectancy as years of life without disease and without physical and mental/thinking disability. This is an important distinction from just life expectancy because we aren’t just trying to add more years, we want more years that we can enjoy. It doesn’t matter how old you are but how you are old (er)!Our genetics only make up about 1/3 of the equation for active life expectancy (at least to about age 90). The other two thirds come from a combination of lifestyle choices but especially nutrition and exercise.

The Challenge

One of the big problems I see in my practice is people who have been inactive for long periods due to injury or lifestyle often don’t know where to start. Some are in pain, some have issues with balance or mobility. Lots of people I talk to sometimes even get bad advice- including recommendations for limiting activity due to age or arthritic conditions. That last one is especially dangerous because current research shows very strong evidence that inactivity worsens arthritic conditions.


We are hoping that we can help motivate you or a loved one, to get moving and add some high-quality years to yours or their life by signing up for one of our programs . If you would like more information on exercise or nutrition for aging or you just need help with motivation, we highly encourage you to reach out and get a free consultation and a complimentary evaluation from Longevity Lab professionals.

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